Effizienz im Gesundheitswesen

Im BMBF Projekt-EDiMed analysiert CEPRA die Effizienz von medizinischen Telemonitoringanwendungen, zum Beispiel der Fernüberwachung von Patienten mit Defibrillator


Responsive Steuerung

In Zeiten von staatlich erzwungenen Nachhaltigkeit in Unternehmen sind vor allem flexible und angemessene Bewertungen und Kontrollsysteme nötig, um regulierende Eingriffe einsetzbar zu gestalten.



Entwicklung eines Modells zur Identifikation von Markt- und Seiteneffekten sowie zur Analyse von Kostenwirkungspotenzialen von Modularisierungsstrategien für Unternehmen der Antriebstechnik



Entwicklung einer Methodik zur Gestaltung von Produktarchitekturen, die den Änderungsaufwand bei der kontinuierlichen Adaption des Produktprogramms an veränderte Markt- und Kundenanforderungen minimiert.



Entwicklung eines Prozesses zur Gestaltung und Bewertung von Baukästen.



Entwicklung eines Modells zur Bewertung der Innovationsfähigkeit und zur Unterstützung der Produktentwicklung



CEPRA's work focuses on the realization of publicly funded research projects. The work is usually carried out together with several, predominantly small and medium-sized companies, as well as with further research partners (professorial chairs, institutes etc.) within a research consortium, which works on a research topic for 2-3 years.

The scientists working with CEPRA have been able to process numerous projects for renowned funding authorities to this day. Among those authorities are the German Research Foundation, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany.

Beyond that, applications for new projects are continuously filed. We would be pleased to be contacted by companies and institutes that are interested in participating in a project.

Ongoing projects at the CEPRA

Projects finished in 2015

Projects finished in 2014

Projects finished in 2013

Projects finished in 2011

Projects finished in 2010

Projects finished in 2009

  • Scenario management to support planning
  • Customer value oriented development, valuation and marketing of service bundles
  • Characteristics of bank ratings

Projects finished in 2008

  • Analysis of water fees and prices
  • Rationally produce construction machinery in a national high performance network and assemble for the world market
  • Evaluation of workplace health promotion via balanced scorecard using the example of a company in the automobile industry
  • Logistics and cost-oriented commencement of production
  • Integrated services near production in the process chain of sheet metal forming
  • Company valuation: Impact of the 2008 corporate tax reform
  • Profitability valuation of RFID investments

Earlier finished projects

  • Produce construction machinery in a national high performance network
  • Evaluation in the cardboard industry
  • Central Eastern European Performance Panel
  • Life-cylce optimized development of service bundles
  • Platform concept to support ramp-up management
  • Evaluation in the automotive supplier industry
  • Overhead cost management in drive engineering
  • Complexity and risk management with client-specific products of drive engineering
  • Procurement controlling accompanying construction in drive engineering
  • Cost information system for drive engineering
  • Feasibility study for a joint-venture in China in power plant construction
  • Multi-dimensional outsourcing evaluation with IT strategy maps
  • Forecast model for quantity development of new products and new generations
  • Multi-level fixed cost absorption in steelmaking
  • Target costing of gas and steam turbines

Co-operation partners and promoters